Justin Moy

Why Do I Blog?14 Apr 2013

The same thing will happen to this blog as ones before it. I will get excited about writing, but inevitably, the blog will go untouched and unmaintained. The question I should ask myself is “Why do I blog?” I’ve come up with some answers to this and other related questions in parts.

Why do I do anything?

It is a pretty vague question, and the answer I give will probably be insufficient, but I enjoy doing things that challenge me or force me to learn something new. Some examples from my past: Why did I learn Dvorak? Why did I start actively managing my money (with both short and long-term goals)? (When did I start putting one space after punctuation instead of two?)

Most of my hobbies have come from the “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I tried this?” mentality. I learn best by doing - a lesson will be truly hammered home when I can experience it for myself. In other words, I will never start writing in a blog again unless I just start writing in a blog.

What am I learning from this blog?

Other reasons

All of this is why I’ve started blogging again. Let’s see how long I stick with it this time….

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