Justin Moy

Web Design19 Apr 2013

I would call the Computer Science program at the University of Illinois one of a classical school of thought. We weren’t taught web design, Python, or C# and instead were taught traditional languages along with the skills required to succeed in a wide variety of positions (I understand I’m not doing a good job of selling the program, but that post will come). Some of these skills include being resourceful and applying things we learn to projects that excite us.

A little bit ago, a video by Ilya Grigorik was posted to r/programming about rendering pages with mobile built in mind. The time to glass is crucial for a good user experience. In developing this page, I’m making sure to apply the principles described in the video. Though I’m learning how to do this whole web design thing, and I guess I’ve been learning through many forays, I should make sure I have a solid design direction in mind.

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