Justin Moy

Moving30 Jul 2013

This past weekend, I moved from one place in North Park, a neighborhood in San Diego to another one in North Park. The new place is much closer to the heart of North Park and places are more easily walkable. Starting freshman year of college until last year, I had lived in a different place every year:

Freshman Year

Hendrick House

Sophomore Year

First place in Champaign. We had a five bedroom, two bathroom place for $275/per person per month. As bad as that place was, some of the best college memories were made there.

Junior Year

We moved to a place near campus in Champaign, but a little further north. It was closer to the engineering campus and it was fairly new construction. That was also when they completed the County Market on campus.

Senior Year

We moved back to Urbana as the place in Champaign was quite expensive and really wasn’t what we were looking for.

First Year in San Diego

I lived in the cheapest place I could find in UTC. It was really close to work, but I couldn’t walk to any restaurants and bars.

Second Year in San Diego

I acquired a roommate and moved to North Park. The place was a two bedroom, two and a half bathroom, townhouse style place and it was very reasonably priced. I lived there for two years, until this past weekend and moved to a new place in North Park.

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